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Manpower Outsourcing and Ancillary Services

With our experienced frontline foremen and supervisors, our group has undertaken various turnkey and ad-hoc build-environment projects for our reputable building and construction clients to ensure a timely and quality completion.

We are able to deploy our workers in short notice in accordance with our clients' project requirements and thereby providing a cost effective solution. We have in excess of 1,300 foreign workers, skilled in various trade works and proficiency, depending on the complexity and demands of the projects we undertaken.

Some of the typical trade works we provide to our building and construction clients, be it for public or private sectors works, include but not limited to

• Steel reinforcement
• Timber formworks
• Scaffolding solutions
• Welding operations
• Excavation operations
• Heavy lifting operations
• Site safety solutions
• Project inspection and handover solutions

We also provide ancillary services for a fee to our clients during the deployment period, if so requested by our clients, which include providing accommodation for the deployed employees at our self-operated dormitories or dormitories operated by third parties, and arranging transportation for the deployed employees to and from their respective work sites designated by our clients using our trucks.

We operate a fleet of over 20 well-managed trucks and prime movers to support our clients daily operational requirements from ad-hoc industrial goods transportation to scheduled workers ferrying service. Our drivers are all experienced Singaporeans who are very familiar with the local routes and traffic laws.

Beyond the provision of foreign workers for project demands, our trained and competent local support team provides comprehensive administrative and operational functions to ensure that our workers’ welfare is never compromised and that they remain a happy and productive workforce.

Training & Testing

We provide all incoming foreign employees with regular in-house trainings on rebarring and other general construction works. In addition, we arrange some of them to attend external training courses on specialised construction works.

This has allowed our own workers to be equipped with higher skills sets and be more responsive to market demands.

We provide this service to complement our manpower outsourcing and ancillary services and to allow our Building and Construction clients to focus on its project execution and leave the training of theirs workers to us.

A better trained team of multi-skilled workers will help to provide our clients with the competitive edge in their business considering today's challenging operating environment.

We envisage that over time, with the provision of more training and testing categories, we are confident to grow this division into one that will help realise our vision to be a Premier Integrated Build-Environment Resource Partner and also contribute positively to Kakiko Group’s performance.

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